About Foroozan Company

Authorized by the Veterinary Organization and the Ministry of Industries and Mines, the slaughterhouse complex of Forouzan Co. is one of the largest and most equipped slaughterhouses in Iran with the IR export code which started its activities in 1998. The company is located in the 18th Kilometers East of Birjand and has an area of 90,000 square meters, of which 12,500 is constructed and has employed more than 350 workers in the area.

The company has the following specifications:

  • A poultry slaughterhouse with a capacity of 6000 pieces per hour, equipped with automatic machines.

  • A second automated line with a capacity of 8,000 pieces per hour, made in Stork Company, Netherland.

  • A line of processing and packaging of edibles (liver, gizzards, chicken legs, heart)

  • Air chiller salon with 800 meters long in one floor to cool down the chickens to zero degrees, so as to pack 

  • Chicken packing hall, equipped with automated machinery

  • A two-line automated sorting line capable of sorting 12,000 pieces per hour

  • Pre-cooling salon (zero to four degrees) with a capacity of 100 tonnes per shift

  • Freezing tunnel with a capacity of 100 tonnes per shift

  • A storage room with a capacity of 2,000 tonnes

  • A cutting room equipped with automated skinning and cutting tools

  • The processing and preparing area for different chicken products

  • An exclusive fully automated thermo-forming line for packaging

  • A seal and vacuum line with a capacity of 40 packs per minute

  • An automatic stretch packing line with the speed of 40 packs per minute, having weighing and labeling system

  • A Product Quality Control Lab

  • Twenty tonnes Ice-Making Unit and a two-stage water-cooling system with a capacity of 200 cubic meters per day

  • The RO water treatment with a capacity of 200 cubic meters per day to supply the needed water with the highest quality

  • A meat powder production unit with a capacity of 500 cubic meters per year

  • Biological sewage treatment with a capacity of 500 cubic meter wastewater output to save the environment

  • The capability of transporting 150 tonnes of live chicken daily

  • The capability of transporting 200 tonnes of frozen poultry products daily

Foroozan Company is proud to be a key player in the Poultry Industry

    • An Automated Poultry Slaughterhouse

    • The major shareholder (51%) of poultry feed, Khooshine Poultry Feed Production

    • Contractor of authorized major feed farms (NikooToyoor, Miramin, GhatreTala, Simorgh, Mahan, Jonoob-e Khorasan, Arta, Toos, Dizbad)

    • Supplier of poultry feed grain from the farm and oiling factory importers with the highest quality

    • Contribution in meat chicken farms and slaughterhouses

    • Benefiting from optimization, IT, and R&D groups as well as veterinary, vaccination, nutrition, laboratory teams

    • Producing more than fifty standardized products from poultry: Hen, Partridge, Quail, Turkey, Dutch Hen using cutting-edge technology

    • Designing and construction of slaughterhouse machinery and equipment, cold storage and freezing tunnel, sewage treatment plant ... and related industries and import of foreign machinery

    • Using the latest methods of sales, marketing, and branding

    • Having dozens of outlets and hundreds of official branches across Iran, export to neighboring countries, and supplier of major organizations

    • Collaboration with State Livestock Affairs Logistics 

    • Benefiting from a logistic department with more than 40 trucks capable of regional transportation of poultry products

    • Quality control management system, licensed by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran

    • Awarded following TUV Standards: OHSAS 18001:2007، ISO 22000:2005  ، ISO 9001:2015 ، ISO 14001:2015 ، HACCP